The Santos Organics mission is to empower people and communities to live in a healthy and sustainable way.

Through our new way of community food retailing, the retail food model has now shifted. The health of our community & our planet is why we exist.

100% of our profits are invested in the environment or in simply improving our service to you. That’s the Santos Organics difference.

We welcome you as a guest to Santos Organics. Here, respect and gratitude for our food is dominant, we know food is medicine and we wish to empower our guests to make healthy, sustainable and ethical choices.

So you can let your shoulders relax and your conscience rest easy knowing you’ve come to Australia’s most ethical place to shop. Visit our Ethics policy to learn more.

Clean Food Funding Healthy Futures

Empower Yourself

Citrus Energy-Booster

You must try this recipe, trust me! The color is um, well… a little intense, but I can assure you it doesn’t taste too green! As long as you like…
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Chocolate Avocado Pie

This was the first raw food cake I tasted – and the first I ever made – and I’ve made hundreds of them since, especially in avocado season. The recipe…
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Hormone Imbalance – Excessive Estrogen Disorders

Many things affect the fine balance of women’s hormonal systems and an out of balance network of hormones can not only lead to crankiness, feeling out of sorts, heavy periods,…
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Reversing Dementia Naturally

Dementia is a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain and there are many different types including Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Brain function is…
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“Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

– Anne Lappe –