Over 35 years ago passionate community members in the Northern Rivers decided to establish Santos Organics as a community-owned food retailer, where responsibility and profits were shared amongst local community members. It was  a powerful model for strengthening our community and keeping our local economy in the best shape possible. As we grew our members voted for us to become a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

Like the early days of Santos Organics, Enova’s model is an innovative approach to energy retailing that sees a move away from corporate control and interests towards a focus on community ownership, shared decision making, community empowerment, and renewable energy. Enova is Australia’s first community owned energy retailer. We have had a firm partnership with Enova over the years and we are delighted to share with you the opportunity to become an Enova Community Energy Shareholder.

We are also excited to announce that as part of our support for renewable energy we are giving away 2 x $1000 Santos Organics vouchers from October 14th to November 14th for those who would like to support renewable energy. Click here to enter.




Enova Energy exists for those of us concerned about the environment and who would like to see Australia’s power supply transition to renewables, while supporting local communities.

Enova is set to expand from its Northern Rivers base into all of NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia – replicating its renewable energy model in other regions and towns. To do so, it is expediting its growth through a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising $3 million.

Enova is Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer and is also a social enterprise, returning 50% of profits after tax and reinvestment back into communities through innovative projects like solar gardens and microgrids, energy efficiency services, energy education and projects such as installing solar on social housing to make renewable energy more accessible for all.

The company’s expansion builds on its successful growth since it began in Northern NSW just two years ago. Enova was funded by over 1000 individuals, families and community organisations who wanted to pioneer a transition in Australia’s energy model with a key community component.

Enova believes that by reclaiming control of energy generation and retail, communities can build social capital, ensure an equitable renewables transition, and forge a pathway towards a cleaner environment for all. Losing confidence in the ability of our governments to deliver these outcomes, we want to take control of our destiny from the ground up.

Enova now has more than 20 staff, has a strong customer base, and has kept money locally in the northern NSW economy that would have usually been spent on big energy retailers outside the region.

To help the renewable energy revolution, and help communities take charge of their own energy supplies, you can become a shareholder for as little as $100. Shares are $1 each with a minimum purchase of $100. But hurry, as this unique opportunity to support the future of power, the planet and local communities, closes on 17th November. For more information or to become a shareholder, go to: www.crowd88.com/en/company/enova-energy/overview/

Disclaimer: Always consider the offer document before applying for shares and the general risk warning for Crowd-sourced funding: www.crowd88.com/en/company/enova-energy/overview/

To find our more information or to sign up please visit www.enovaenergy.com.au today.