Here at Santos Organics we feel strongly about where our products come from, how they are made, and the carbon footprint that they leave behind. But researching products can be confusing when you are trying to buy gifts for everyone, so our ethics researcher Ash has done some of the leg work for you! This December our stores will have a range of Christmas gift ideas displayed so that you can shop knowing that your purchases are not harming the earth. Each of our stores has an incredible unique range of gift ideas, but to get you started here are some suggestions. We can also put together hampers for you if you get in touch via our contact form (click here). Remember, each time you shop at Santos Organics the profits are used to fund projects that benefit the environment and our community. This month we had over 300 nominations for grant recipients doing amazing work. For this grants round the winners will be announced on the 19th December. For more info on grants click here.

Lil Bit After Sun Spray $20.95

Parker Safety Razor $42.15

Joco Cup 237mls $27.90

Dr Bronner Shave Gel $15.60

Shampoo Bar $6.95

Sun & Earth Zinc $18.15

Olieve & Olie Hand and Body Wash $24.15

Mayde Serenity Tea 50g $19.20

Organic Minerals Rose Mist $21.70

Olieve & Olie Hand and Body Wash $24.15

Neek Lipstick in Pash $24.95

Pure by Phytocare Papaya Ointment $11.30

Sienna Nail Polish in Blossum $24.95

Silverstone Palo Santo $5.40

Eco Glitz Glitter $27.25

Grin Toothpaste $7.15

Bamboo Toothbrush $3.35

Dr Bronner Castile Baby Soap $13.35

Sun & Earth Natural Zinc $18.15

Hariko I am Protected Mist $29.95


If you would like us to put together a gift basket for you or your loved ones please let us know before the shipping cut off times. You can view these here.