Following our recent Palm Oil Investigations Audit, we will be making some changes to our personal care, skin and hair care and cleaning ranges over the next few months.

There are also a few food products that may be affected by these changes. We expect this process of phasing out palm oil products and introducing alternatives to take from 6 months to a year – the end goal is for Santos Organics to become a Palm Oil Investigations Approved Brand which means that our store will be completely free from ALL untraceable and unsustainable palm oil products!

The first step of this process will be to review the products that have been identified as containing palm oil and/or its derivatives and request certificates and statements from these brands showing that the palm oil and/or palm derivatives are from a traceable and sustainable source. If satisfactory certificates and statements cannot be obtained, we will not continue to stock these products. Unfortunately, we have been advised that some of our more popular brands contain palm oil derived ingredients that cannot be traced at all and we will need to remove these products altogether.

During this process, we will also be looking at alternative products that do not contain any palm oil or derivatives of palm oil at all. There are many small and dedicated personal care and cleaning businesses that have embraced the challenge of making products that are 100% palm free. So we are excited about supporting them as much as possible and reducing the irreversible impact on deforestation and destruction of Orangutan habitats.

Keep an eye out in our stores and Warehouse for these new and beautiful palm oil free products!