A word from our Ethics Researcher

We are often asked if the imported organic herbs, spices and other bulk products we have here at Santos Organics are irradiated or chemically treated upon entry into Australia.

The answer to this question is layered and depends on whether a product is certified organic.

  • For certified organic products, the Australian Organic Standard bans irradiated foods so irradiation and chemically treatment is simply not an option for certified organic imports.


  • Organic certification requirements only allow foods or products to be steam treated.


  • If a particular food is described as organic but does not have organic certification before entry into Australia, it does not necessarily come with the same guarantee and it is possible that it may have been treated chemically or irradiated upon entry.


  • All of our WAREHOUSE suppliers of organic herbs and spices have organic certification. However, there are some bulk organic imports that we stock in the stores that are not from our Warehouse, so it is important to double check the certification and treatment of these products individually. All products that are not certified organic will not have this on the label.