Plastic Free Byron’s newest project Byron Borrow Bags is a collaborative project of Santos Organics & Clean Coast Collective. It has the potential to significantly reduce plastic bag use by visitors to Byron Bay and no doubt is the start of a movement for accommodation providers around the world to take responsibility for the waste generated by their visitors.

Seed Funded by Santos Organics

The Byron Borrow Bag program was seed funded by us and we are very excited that Byron Central Apartments are the first to take the program on. We launched the program last week and have been overloaded with requests from other accommodation providers which is wonderful!

Tackling Tourist Plastics

Program director and our Communications Manager Paul Crebar said that ‘with over 2 million people visiting Byron Bay, many staying overnight, the impact of getting reusable bags into visitors’ hands for their shopping can have a significant impact on plastic bag use, the associated waste and the waste management costs our local council incurs as a result.’

Project manager Dan Smith, from Clean Coast Collective, said, ‘given that Byron Bay is an iconic destination renowned for being at the forefront of sustainable initiatives, it’s fitting for us to initiate this program.

‘The program will strengthen the interest of tourists in our sustainable lifestyle and has the potential to be adopted by accommodation providers throughout Australia and the world – which we’re incredibly excited about.’

Help Grow The Program

If you know an accommodation provider whether they are local or not, send them this article. Inspire them to take responsibility for helping minimise the impact tourists have on plastic waste around the globe.

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Paul Crebar
Communications Manager

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