Santos Organics is committed to building a progressive earth-focused local and Australian community. Since 1975 we have been committed to providing our community with natural, organic and ethical food and product choices that take into account the interconnected web of life in which we live. We employ an ethics team to ensure the products we sell and the practices we employ are world-class in their focus on fairness, awareness and sustainability.

Working for Santos Organics is joining an organisation truly committed to pioneering the way for how consumer spending can re-shape the food system, the natural environment and the social conditions of our communities.

Operating as a not-for-profit means our profits get injected into community or environmental organisations rather than going into pockets. We donate to organisations who share our vision for a cleaner, healthier and more connected future.

Our locations are vibrant community spaces each reflective of the local demographic. Each store has a well-maintained garden to honour the plant life and the pollinating insects that feed us and sustain human health. Our stores are where people come together to make their health and environment conscious purchases count and if you ask any customer about shopping with us they will tell you “it feels good” and it truly does.

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